May 2015

We Have Moved.
We are very excited to announce that Scottish Bioenergy has moved to the renowned Roslin BioCentre, only a few miles from Edinburgh city centre. The space includes a main laboratory, production area and a temperature controlled stock culture room.

About Roslin BioCentre

At the heart of the ‘Edinburgh Science Triangle’, Roslin BioCentre is a thriving scientific community, reflected by an impressive array of world-leading research intensive companies and a wide range of flourishing commercial life science related organisations on-site.

With The Roslin Institute’s new research campus at Easter Bush, Moredun Research Institute, Pentlands Science Park and Edinburgh Technopole all within a mile radius, the area provides a stimulating scientific and commercial environment for companies to mature and develop. Uniquely located on the south side of Edinburgh and in the shadow of the Pentland Hills, Roslin BioCentre is situated in a rural environment, rich with grassland and trees. It offers tenants a chance to enjoy village life whilst being only 8 miles, approximately a 20 minute drive, from Edinburgh city centre. There are excellent local, national and international transport links with Edinburgh Airport only 12 miles away.

Roslin is an internationally known name in the field of life sciences and benefits from global recognition as the birth place of Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal.

Roslin BioCentre has operated since 1999 with an excellent track record of growth and development of early stage companies. The science park has an unrivalled ability to cater for the needs of both office and lab-based organisations by providing flexible and affordable accommodation. Additionally, a number of key networking organisations are located here, providing new companies with the opportunity to quickly integrate into the Scottish life science community and offering specialist advice, encouraging knowledge transfer and innovation.

Roslin BioCentre… the location of choice for life sciences