Intellectual Property

The early intellectual property was generated by the founder and his then 5 year old daughter, Laylah. The initial experiments involved a symbiotic digester and photobioreactor for the production of ethanol and other co-products. The primary patents portfolio is the result of collaboration with academia.

Academic collaboration with Dr Gary Caldwell and Scottish Bioenergy sponsored Chelsea Brain at Newcastle University led to additional patent applications. This helped facilitate further academic collaboration between Newcastle and University of Edinburgh’s Dr Andrew Free and Rocky Kindt.

Collaboration with The University of Edinburgh was further strengthened when a team comprising University of Edinburgh (Dr Alistair McCormick), and University of Cambridge (Professor Chris Howe) and Scottish Bioenergy won a Phyconet Grant.

We seek strong, long term relationships that fit with our culture, vision and goals. There is a desire to share, collaborate and cross-license with other parties, including competitors and academic institutions.

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