Academic Partners


From the very beginning Scottish Bioenergy has sought to create strong ties within the Academic Community. Our mutually beneficial relationships with academic organisations has been critical to our successful development. We understand the need for truth, peer review and integrity.

We recognise and understand that academics need to publish and that Universities are public bodies that should share in the success of a project through royalties.

When we sponsored our first PhD student, Chelsea Brain studying at Newcastle University we had no idea that she and her supervisor, Dr Gary Caldwell would end up delivering the cornerstone of our IP portfolio. Nor did we think that Rocky Kindt and Aida Salinas-Lopez students we later sponsored at Edinburgh University, would solve so many downstream processing issues.

We love working with students and respect the social and economic contributions academia provides.

Current Academic Collaborations

Newcastle University: BBSRC studentship award
Supervisor:Dr Gary Caldwell
Sponsored Engineering Doctorate: Chelsea Brain
Dissertation: “Enhancing Phycocyanin Production in Arthrospira platensis”


University Of Edinburgh: BBSRC CASE studentship award
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Free
Sponsored Applied Microbial Ecology Doctorate: Rocky Kindt
Dissertation: “Characterization of secondary microbial community structure in industrial bioreactors”


The University of Edinburgh & University of Cambridge Collaboration: Phyconet – BBSRC Award
Lead Researchers: Dr Alistair McCormick, Dr Baojun Wang, Professor Chris Howe (Cambridge)

“A molecular Toolbox to commercialise cyanobacteria; synthetic genetic sensor regulator circuits for increased yields of phycobiliproteins”